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  1. HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator – An Ideal Product For Offices!

    HT 330 dual pouch laminator is a remarkable machine which is ideal for copyshop or regular office usages. Designed with 2 heated rollers as well as an extra plate heater, it provides flawless laminated product up to 250 micron film thickness. It is a new generation machine which possesses every quality that one seeks from a Renz product.

    Design & Features Of HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator

    This pouch laminator is an automated machine, it reduces it's temperature automatically to 50/60 degree C when it is not used for half an hour after being warmed up. To bring the machine temperature to the earlier set temperature, you simply press the heat up button again and it will quickly be ready for operation. It has a dual heating system including 2 heating plates for increased laminating quality and 2 hot rollers which are heated internally. It features adjustable temperature that you can set for all thicknesses of pouches. An LED function has been designed

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  2. Bindomatic 9000 – A Standard Binding Solution For Businesses!

    Binding requirements are not limited to just a few certain businesses, there is a requirement in every segment. Be it an office, a school, a university or any other workplace, no business can do without the use of a binding machine. Today, there are so many models of binding machines available on the market to choose from. Bindomatic 9000 from Renz is one of the best, most efficient binding solutions of the time.

    When it comes to choosing the correct binding machine, there are so many things that should be considered. Mainly, machine selection depends on the projected volumes of binding and required work flow to create documents.

    As far as the Bindomatic 9000 machine is concerned, it is a new product in the market that has succeeded to set a whole new standard for the document binding in this industry. This machine features truly fast binding speed as it can bind a document w

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  3. Thermal Binding Or Any Other Binding Options – Which Is The Best

    The need to search a binding solution arises on various occasions by businesses and individuals. This need leads them to consider whether or not they should buy a permanent binding machine for themselves or should consult a binding outlet to bind something. When there is an occasional binding requirement, one does not bother to buy a binding machine; however when the binding becomes more frequent, buying a binding machine becomes a wise step. So, depending on your requirement, if you think of buying your own binding solution, then you will find several options in the market. In all the binding solutions, the thermal binding machine is one of the most famous and successful solutions of the time.

    When deciding to buy a binding machine it is best to consider each option available in the market. Considering features and various aspects of different types of binding machines, buyers can learn which option is the best for them as per their particular binding requirements. This art

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  4. DTP 340 M – A Dynamic Punching & Binding Solution For Everyone!

    The Renz DTP 340 M is a great, modern punching and binding solution as it is loaded with exceptional features that make document binding a quick and hassle free job. Generally, when one starts binding a document, he has to punch holes for combs, spirals and wires. A majority of binding machines are supplied with a fixed inbuilt punch; however when you need a stand-alone heavy duty punch, DTP 340 M is the best choice as it can tooled with interchangeable dies for many different punching styles. This binding solution is greatly productive and powerful punch, perfect for schools, busy offices and small binders. The key features of this machine are the great punching capability and compatibility to work with almost every binding module from Renz.

    An Overview To DTP 340 M Punching Machine 


    The DTP 340 M is a hard working, high capacity,

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  5. Bindomatic 7000 – A Powerful Thermal Binding Machine of the Time!

    The need to print documents like office files, sales materials etc. is still quite common in business organisations. Though when you need to prepare high quality and fully professionally bound files, you should look for an advanced binding machine. Having a binding machine in your company will eliminate the need to use the services of an external binder.

    It is seen that in big organisations where regular document binding requirements arise, people prefer to invest in a binding machine. Today, there are many types of binding machines available in the market to choose from; however, a thermal binding machine is one of the most advanced binders of the time. Bindomatic 7000 is a great thermal binding machine that is designed with many exceptional features to make binding simpler, faster and better.

    Overview of Binding 7000 – Thermal Binding Machine

    Although, there are many other thermal binding machine models available in the market the Bindomati

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