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  1. Bindomatic 9000 – A Perfect Binding Solution for All!

    The arrival of the Bindomatic 9000 – thermal binding machine has set a whole new standard in the market for thermal-glue document binding. This machine features an incredible potential to process as well as bind the document within 2 seconds which is actually amazing. However, the feature that actually makes it an exclusive product of the time is the amazing work-flow power and efficiency. In this thermal binding machine, you can load up to sixty documents at a time and due to this quality, the operator gets a free time to engage in any other work while working on document binding task. This way, the device influences the work efficiency and enhances the production of a user.

    Bindomatic 9000 – Thermal Binding Machine Description 

    The Bindomatic 9000 is b

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  2. Reviewing Renz SRW 360 – Features & Functions

    To create good-looking and well organised documents for marketing, business presentations, academic presentations, academic notes the use of wire binding is very common these days. Though there are binding firms available in the market that happily accept orders to bind documents, yet when you have to bind several books at a time, you may find those services quite expensive. Moreover it can be quite time consuming having to visit your local print shop every time you need to bind a few documents. At that stage, the best idea is to get a binding device at your place and accomplish books binding on your own. The Renz SRW 360 is one of the greatest wire binding device that gives amazing results. There are several functions that Renz SRW 360 can do and here, we are going to talk about these functions and features; so that, you can decide whether you should buy it or ignore it.

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  3. Different Binding and Punching Styles to Suit Your Binding Requirement

     feel truly amazed when I think about how binding has become an integral part of businesses and offices all over the world over the past few years. This was rather inevitable isn’t it? The convenience that binding brings to the businesses and the value that it adds to the documents is just awe inspiring, and is the obvious primary reason behind its success. With binding gaining its due respect another thing that we have witnessed over the past decade perhaps is the way binding and punching technology has improved and evolved.

    Today, almost all businesses, regardless of their size, require binding for their documents. Binding has become a form of art which is pursued using different binding styles for better convenience and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Another important factor for using different styles of binding is to do appropriate justice to the wide variety of sizes and volumes of documents that are handled in the o

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  4. Unmatched Advantages of Thermal Binding Machines and Covers

    Have you ever thought, I bet you must have, about what goes into making a presentation a truly great one? Working really hard on all the aspects of your presentation is quite an obvious thing to do but the one very important aspect where most of the people go wrong while preparing their presentation is the way they bind the whole document up. According to a study, a whopping 90% of all the documents used for presentations or otherwise are either stapled or occasionally bound by a plastic comb leaving the guy on the other side deal with a big messy pile of ugly looking papers spoiling the whole thing up including your promotion at times.


    One binding method that stands head and shoulder above than the competition comprising of your regular staple bindings, spiral bindings, comb bindings etc. is thermal binding. Thermal binding is done with thermal binding machines

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